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Your Health Journey Starts With Good Lung Health

Good lung health allows us to breathe freely, perform optimally and recover quickly should we become ill.

The most important function of our lungs is to take oxygen from the environment and transfer it to the blood stream – we do this by taking 6 million breaths per year!

Child Breathing Fresh Air - Breathe Easy

We have two lungs, the left is slightly smaller than the right.  When we breathe, our diaphragm, which sits beneath the lungs, does the muscular work.  As the diaphragm contracts, it moves down, leaving space for the lungs to expand.

When we breathe, air goes from our nose and mouth, down the trachea (windpipe) where it splits into two branches, (mainstem bronchi), one of which leads to the left lung, one to the right.

Those two bronchi then split further, into multiple smaller and smaller bronchi, like branches on a tree.  This ever-decreasing pipework ends with the alveoli which is where the important gas exchange occurs – oxygen goes into the bloodstream and carbon dioxide comes out of the blood and is exhaled.

What Happens If Our Lungs Are Damaged?

If our lungs are suffering from damage, inflammation or infection, our lung tissue may be stiff and scarred, and airways filled with mucus. This makes it difficult for the lungs to expand and contract, meaning breathing is harder and the oxygen we take in can be less.

Fortunately, our lungs are the first out of any of our body’s organs to receive the benefits of consumed and absorbed bioactives (after our liver). This means that consumption of powerful bioactives will result in benefits to the lungs early.

EXhale® formulation

In EXhale®, we have formulated a combination of Boysenberry & blackcurrant, quercetin, zinc and Mānuka honey to enhance boost immunity and improve lung health. 

Boysenberries & Blackcurrants

A concentrate derived from boysenberry & blackcurrant is an immune-enhancing supplement derived from boysenberry and blackcurrant that contain high levels of anthocyanins, which are plant compounds commonly produced in purple fruits.

The anthocyanins in our formula are gently extracted in such a way as to maximise their bioactivity and bioavailability which are often lost using other methods of extraction.  

The anthocyanins in boysenberry and blackcurrant are well documented in internationally science reviewed papers for their positive effects on the lungs and immunity in general eg Blackcurrants and lungs

Making EXhale by Zestt Wellness



Quercetin is a plant polyphenol with renowned immune-boosting properties.  Quercetin also acts as a zinc ionophore, transporting zinc in and out of cells. 

The quercetin we use in our EXhale® formula is extracted from Sophora Japonica.


Quercetin in EXhale by Zestt Wellness



Zinc deficiency is common in many people.  Zinc supplementation is complementary to quercetin bioavailability, because zinc helps quercetin to cross cell membranes, and supports immune function.

We use chelated zinc in EXhale®, this means the zinc is attached to a compound which is water soluble which helps absorption in the body.



Mānuka honey

We use the finest New Zealand Pouatu Mānuka UMF 20+ honey in our EXhale® formulation, which acts as a carrier for our bioactives.

Our patent-pending EXhale® formulation featuring boysenberry & blackcurrants, quercetin, zinc and honey improves natural immunity and lung health.

Manuka Honey


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