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Enjoy the benefits of Non GMO, New Zealand-made health and wellness formulations developed by scientists, including co-founders Darcy Schack (who is successfully managing sarcoidosis & COPD) and Dr Anna Campbell (plant biotechnologist).

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  • "I’ve been coughing for 7 weeks now. Been to Doctor twice. A friend put me onto this, within 4 days my cough has nearly gone. I’m feeling that good I went on a 20k bike ride with no coughing and loss of breath. Can’t praise it enough." - Denise Hogan, via Facebook

  • "Being asthmatic with a chest infection it brought me both comfort and relief. Coughing wheezing disappeared instantly. I totally recommend this product for all those chesty coughs especially asthma related. It worked for me. Thank you Zestt Wellness." - Leanne Beck-Sim, via Facebook

  • "My husband has Stage 4 COPD and has been taking this for 5 days now...His breathing has improved. He usually has trouble bending down to do anything but twice today I have watched him bend down to the oven and get something from the bottom of the fridge, without his usual huffing and puffing!" - Gaynor Brown, via Facebook

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