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  • I strongly recommend this product as I had a serious lung infection that required doctor’s visits and chest x-rays. I also had bad wheezing which was a symptom I had for years due to the fact that I have had 4 instances of pneumonia in the past. Within 2 days of taking the Zestt Wellness EXhale product both complaints had disappeared, I now take a shot of the product once a week and have had no recurrence of either ailment. I now recommend Exhale to anybody I know that has any breathing problems.


  • My husband has been unwell for three weeks with a bad chest infection and a terrible cough. 2 doses of antibiotics did not improve the situation. I saw EXhale on my Facebook page and ordered it, and it arrived the next morning. I had a chat with Darcy about the dosage. Initially my husband took two doses in the morning, and on the first night I saw a huge decrease in coughing and improvement in his sleep. He is now on day 3 and continues to improve. Our daily walks are more manageable and he can breathe without doubling over coughing. An amazing product with great taste and we are looking forward to continued improvement. Ordered a 3 pack this morning. Thanks to Darcy for his timely communication. Well done team!


  • Since a heart attack my lungs are more vulnerable to infection. Typically, what starts as a head cold , quickly becomes a life-threatening pneumonia, and, even after the acute episode passes, I suffer paroxysmal coughing for several months. I have come to dread this pattern. Recently, a head cold had descended into my lungs and I felt as if I was developing a life-threatening pneumonia. I was offered some EXHALE, and, after a single (tablespoon) dose I felt almost normal a mere six hours later. My paroxysmal cough had subsided to a normal cough and I could feel the lung infection lifting. I am careful, now, to always have some EXHALE in my fridge, or to take it with me when I travel. It's broad spectrum anti-microbial action, with safety, is really impressive.


  • My husband has Stage 4 COPD and has been taking this for 5 days now...His breathing has improved. He usually has trouble bending down to do anything but twice today I have watched him bend down to the oven and get something from the bottom of the fridge, without his usual huffing and puffing! Will be ordering more!


  • This remedy is Amazing... prompt service and only took a couple of days to deliver RD, from Dunny to the top of the Sth. Being asthmatic with a chest infection it brought me both comfort and relief. Coughing wheezing disappeared instantly. I totally recommend this product for all those chesty coughs especially asthma related. It worked for me. Thank you Zestt Wellness


  • I’ve been coughing for 7 weeks now. Been to Doctor twice. A friend put me onto this, within 4 days my cough has nearly gone. I’m feeling that good I went on a 20k bike ride with no coughing and loss of breath. Can’t praise it enough.


  • Absolute game changer!! I credit EXhale with setting me on the road to recovery from a respiratory virus that had me knocked flat and off work for multiple weeks.


  • The coughing stopped the same day I started on Exhale. Tastes really nice too, my girlfriend was so impressed, I gave her a bottle to try, as she had a very deep shocking cough, and after a day or two she rang me excited, and insisted on paying for her bottle, she is now on her second bottle, as am I.. Also seem to just feel better, better sleep as well as non persistent coughing anymore.. And to think that this is a New Zealand company is a massive bonus.. Thanks a lot.