Podcast - Wellness For The Rest Of Us

Wellness for the rest of us

Wellness is not just the domain of bendy-yoga people in their 20s. 

The wellness journey can start at anytime, no matter your history - there will be no judgment from us! 

Our purpose is to change lives by empowering people to take control of their own health, with lifestyle changes and natural products.

Join Anna Campbell and Darcy Schack as they discuss cutting edge health science and wellness issues with international health & wellness thought leaders. We aren't bendy yoga people or ultra-marathoners and we think it's about time there was a podcast about Wellness for the Rest Of Us.


Season 3

Episode 32: Exercise and Menopause - With Dr. Wendy Sweet

Episode 31: Moving - even with chronic pain - with DK Ciccone

Episode 30: Supporting parents of children with chronic disease - with Dr Maureen Michele

Episode 29: Fancy living to 500? - with Marek Piotrowski

Episode 28: What are the impacts of sex hormones and menopause on heart disease? - with Professor Alison Heather


Episode 27: Burnout - with Dr. Zarya Rubin

Episode 26: Questions you should ask your dentist - with Russel McLean

Episode 25: Metabolic Health & Continuous Glucose Monitoring with Dr. Paul Kolodzik

Episode 24: Everyday Toxins in Our Lives with Dr. Wendie Trubow

Episode 23: Which Diet? - with Sulaima Abdin, Registered Dietician

Episode 22: It's not all in your head - Ankylosing Spondylitis with Bea Calliet


Episode 21: Crohn's Disease - A Revolutionary Treatment? with John Aitken


Season 2

Episode 20: Food and Health with Chef Dr. Mike


Episode 19: Understanding Medical Cannabis with Carmen Doran, Heliux Therapeutics


Episode 18: How do you ensure you are getting the health treatment you deserve? - with Laura Crandon


Episode 17: HRT - Friend or Foe with Dr Daved Rosensweet


Episode 16: A discussion with Darcy & Anna about obesity & other health matters - with Darcy Schack & Dr Anna Campbell


Episode 15: Is Our Food System Broken - with Dr Helen Darling


Episode 14: Managing Brain Health with Allison Liu


Episode 13: Eat Right For You with Emily Zorn


Episode 12: Managing Gout with Spiro Koulouris


Episode 11: Dealing with Gut Imbalance with Dr Leke Asong


Season 1


Episode 10: Menopause Transformation with Dr. Wendy Sweet


Episode 9: Navigating FEAR and Uncertainty with Holly Jackson


Episode 8: Who Can You Believe Online with Matt Rouse


Episode 7: Gut Microbiome with Dr. Doug Rosendale


Episode 6: Oral Probiotics with Dr. John Hale


Episode 5: Drug-resistant Superbugs with Professor Greg Cook


Episode 4: Sarcoidosis with Patricia Brooks Hart


Episode 3: Immunity Challenges for Elite Athletes and Immunocompromised


Episode 2: Dr. Jonathan White Talks About Overcoming Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis


Episode 1: Darcy's Story and Zestt Wellness



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