Serious incursions while traveling

Serious incursions while traveling

Darcy and I are traveling at the moment – first we were in Hainan, China to explore market entry for our products and collaborations there and now we are in Dubai.  We are raising capital in Dubai for expansion of Zestt and also for running clinical trials (which are very expensive) and development of some incredibly exciting products, which we will share with you soon.

As with any international travel, there are some amazing moments – we were treated exceptionally well by the Windows to Global Trade people in Haikou and were able to visit Hainan’s special medical zone in Lecheng where they have 50 private hospitals and state of the art facilities.  The food was amazing too – fresh seafood and coconut hot pot anyone?

Of course, with any travel there are low moments – usually associated with airports and aeroplanes.  Darcy has/is what he describes as “high functioning autism.”  He understands by now, after many trips together, that he is not allowed to talk to me about anything associated with aeroplane engines and the way they work, I simply don’t care and when jet lagged, I care even less!

However, when you are traveling together you do learn a lot about the other person.  With his autism, Darcy counts everything and while in the rather cramped flight from Haikou to Singapore – about 3½ hours, Darcy was stuck in the middle.  Apparently, during that flight I crossed and uncrossed my legs 68 times and entered the “incursion zone” four times, one of which was a “serious incursion.”  I did not ask what the definition of a serious incursion was – I was doubled over with laughter – but perhaps with the ridiculous amount of leg crossing and uncrossing my foot strayed into middle seat territory?

It’s fair to say a significant amount of our lozenge products get eaten on these trips too – touch wood, I have not got sick from an infection while flying in the four years since we started Zestt. 

We have just under a week to go and that week is crammed with meetings, fortunately, we squeezed a little shopping in yesterday.  Darcy has lost 30kgs and has shouted himself a new Pierre Cardin suit (75% sale!) – we will post some photos this week.  I also bought a new suit, despite having lost no weight!

Speaking of weight loss, it is amazing how well Darcy has been traveling since getting leaner and fitter and he is being incredibly disciplined while traveling too, I wish I could say the same thing about me.

The best thing about traveling of course, is arriving home again – I can’t wait and please keep the emails coming in, I wake at 4am at the moment and it’s great to hear messages from home and keep the ball rolling on Zestt - our mission to change lives remains strong.

All the best, Anna and Darcy.

If you would like to discuss any of this further, please contact Darcy or Anna (who you can contact at +64 27 599 2255 or +64 27 4861418 respectively) or via

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