We're excited - Introducing the most efficacious, innovative, immunity booster on the market

We're excited - Introducing the most efficacious, innovative, immunity booster on the market

The EXhale® lozenge

The EXhale® lung health and immunity lozenge is finally HERE and we are really excited! 

You might remember we wrote a blog about the three acts of immunity (full blog here):

  1. Physical defence – stopping viruses and other invaders reaching our digestive system.
  2. Innate immunity – the rapid, non-specific first line of defence once a pathogen is inside our bodies, where the invader gets engulfed by phagocytes.
  3. Adaptive immunity – where white blood cells recognise pathogens and target them specifically (vaccines will trigger this response).

The best way to boost immunity is via multiple layers of defence, like the “Swiss cheese” model – a great metaphor where we know that there are holes in the cheese, but if we have multiple layers, hopefully, they won’t line up – the multiple layers include hygiene, masks, a healthy (bolstered) immune system and vaccines, all of which support our defence.

But, what has been missing in the conversations is promoting our ability to enhance our innate and adaptive immune systems with food and other natural compounds. 

As Hippocrates said, many centuries ago:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Let’s tell you the story behind the EXhale® lozenge.

We were getting a lot of feedback from you, our Zestt Wellness Community members, about the efficacy of our EXhale® liquid formulation – most of it positive, some of it neutral and some of it observational.

We were telling a scientific mentor about some of the observational comments, particularly around the speed of action of the EXhale® liquid formulation. Many of you told us that you were noticing a respiratory response within a couple of hours.  At that time, we wanted to put the EXhale® bioactives into a capsule, to make the product easier to transport and less expensive for you.  Our mentor said to us:

“Well, if you are seeing a response that quickly – then there must be some oral – thoracic activity in terms of bioactive absorption – you will lose that if you put it into a capsule which dissolves in the gut.  Why don’t you slow down the oral passage of EXhale® even more and get greater absorption of the bioactives by developing a lozenge?”

“Bingo” we thought and we started to plan, experiment and develop the EXhale® lozenge.  We also thought about the Swiss cheese model of immunity – what other layers of protection could we include in our lozenge to broaden our defences?

We had been reading a lot about Blis K-12 probiotics, including some compelling clinical data demonstrating that frontline medical workers in Wuhan China in early 2020 who used BlisK12 probiotics had significantly lower rates of respiratory tract illness (read more here).

Could we include the Blis K-12 probiotics in our lozenge - alongside the anthocyanins, the quercetin and the zinc – to a create a genuine multiple layer defence system?  

Absolutely we could with some smart science, experimentation, and collaboration with some clever people.

We are genuinely excited - the EXhale® lozenge is a game changer for immunity – why go into battle with only a sword?  Why not include the helmet and a breast plate as well – in fact, why not include a full suit of armour? 

Swiss cheese, pfffffffft, we are going full metal – with the most efficacious, innovative, multiple action immunity lozenge on the market. 

Oh my goodness, we are so excited about the difference this lozenge can make - and you will love the taste, so damned good – to quote Darcy:

“I’m a fat man, so it has to taste good!”

Please contact us, Anna and Darcy, at Zestt Wellness, admin@zesttwellness.com, if you have any questions at all – we would love to hear from you!

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